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Our Story

At Elite Global, we're a team led by seasoned experts Andy and Justin, committed to fueling the journey of start-ups and passionate entrepreneurs. Our mission is simple: We turn your innovative ideas into thriving businesses.

Our story unfolds with each client we serve, navigating through challenges, crafting strategies, and celebrating successes. We focus on creating a clear path for your business goals, offering tailored solutions and essential guidance.

Join us, be part of our story, and let’s write a successful chapter in your business journey together.

Our Team

Andy Dunn

Founder & CEO

Andy brings over 20 years of experience to EGBC, specializing in helping start-ups thrive. His expertise in improving business operations and strategic planning is key to creating success stories. Andy is dedicated to providing innovative and personalized solutions to meet the unique needs and goals of each new business.

Justin Mackedie

Partner & COO

Justin is a dynamic leader with a strong business insight. His expertise lies in steering businesses towards growth and operational success. At EGBC, Justin focuses on nurturing teams and establishing a culture of accountability, aligning with our commitment to empower startups and entrepreneurs to thrive.



Lisa focuses on keeping accurate records and simplifying the financial process, allowing businesses to focus more on growth and less on their books. Her expertise ensures our clients receive the best care and guidance, making bookkeeping easier and more efficient.

Our Approach

In each step of your entrepreneurial journey, EGBC is dedicated to navigating your path to success through our core pillars: Innovate, Inspire, Ignite.

Innovate: We begin by nurturing your ideas, helping them grow beyond the conventional boundaries. Crafting strategies that align with your unique vision, we help in laying a robust foundation for your business.

Inspire: Motivation is the key to sustained effort and improvement. We provide the encouragement and guidance necessary, ensuring that your business vision is realised with passion and determination.

Ignite: Implementation is the step where ideas meet reality. With a wealth of experience, we ensure that your business concepts are executed efficiently, turning your aspirations into a successful operational business.

In our approach, your business’s needs and aspirations are at the forefront, ensuring tailored strategies that resonate with your goals for a successful entrepreneurial journey.

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